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"How Often Do You Change Your
Workout Routine?"

Free Workout Routines LogoIf you're like most people, the answer to the question above is "not enough!" Don't worry you've come to the right place!

The purpose of this site is to help you reach your fitness or athletic goals as fast as humanly possible. In order to get continuous results in your training, you need to change your workout routine every month, every 2 months at the latest.

That's is where this site comes into play, in this website you will find lots of free workout routines for building muscle, losing weight, or your sport, so that you don't have to spend the time every month creating a completely new workout for yourself.

All you have to do is bookmark this site, come back in a month and select a new workout. This site is updated regularly with new content and exercise programs.

What You'll Find in This Site: 
  • A wide selection of free workout routines specific to your goals, along with explanations as to why they work.
  • Articles on important theoretical aspects of achieving your fitness goals. 
  • Nutritional information, charts and calculators.
  • Instructional exercise videos explaining how to perform the chosen exercise for maximum effectiveness and safety.
  • Info on how to manipulate the training variables (reps, sets, resting time, weight, exercise order etc.) to create your own effective training programs.

How To Use This Site

1. I recommend that you read the article,Change Your Workouts Routines Regularly?

Reading this article and understanding this very important concept will really go a long way in helping you achieve your fitness or sport goals quickly. When you learn WHY something is important, you are more likely to take the appropriate action (e.g., change your workout every month).

2. If you need motivation to workout, read the article My Killer Free Exercise Tips.

3. Go ahead and dive into the site. 

Quick tip for selecting a workout program, remember to ask yourself, "Have I done this before?" If your answer is no, TRY IT! :)

4. Immediately after you stop seeing results (maximum eight weeks), come back to this site and select a new workout. 


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