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10k Training Program

While this 10k training program is created for those that want run a 10k race, it can be used by anyone wanting to get extremely fit. Racers use the 10k (6.2 miles; 10,000 meters) to train for longer distances such as the half marathon and marathon. It's not uncommon for elite marathoners to run both the 10k and marathon races within days of each other. To be successful in the longer distances you need to develop the strength and speed in the 10k. To run your fastest marathon time aim to peaked for the 10k a few months prior. The 10k is used as a gauge for other long distances. 

Whether you're running the 10k for fitness or competitively it's a great way to keep fit and challenge yourself. The 10k is the foundation for fitness as it includes the three key elements of distance running: strength, stamina and speed.

The following 10k training program assumes that you're a novice runner that has been running at least 13 miles per week for a minimum of six months, and maybe even has done a 5k race or two. I recommend you use this training program as a guide, you may need to modify the program depending on your current fitness level. If this program is too difficult for you don't do it, start off with the 5k training program as it's a safe way to develop your aerobic base. The 5k program will enable those that haven't done much activity at all to get their limbs and joints accustomed to the stresses of running. 

Tips For The 10k Run
  • Don't focus on yourself and the pain you're in; instead, focus on other racers and/or the environment.
  • To prevent early fatigue, try not to concentrate too much early on, save it for when you really need it. 
  • Immediately start a daily 15 minute stretching regiment.
  • Before the race have a light breakfast and fluids.
Some Quick Definitions

Mi: Mile
Mins: Minutes
Run: Go at a slow but steady pace that will enable you to finish the distance outlined.
Rest: No running on rest days. This is a very important recovery period for your body.
Intervals: During intervals you will push the pace to about 75% of your maximum sprint (you shouldn't be gasping for air, if you are you're going too fast) for the time suggested (between 1 to 2 minutes) followed by slow jogging until you recover to resume your regular pace.

8-Week 10k Training Program For Novice Runners

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total Miles
1 3 mi run Rest Rest 4 mi run Rest 3 mi run 3 mi run 13 Miles
2 3 mi run + (1 min intervals x 3) Rest Rest 4 mi run  Rest 4 mi run 4 mi run 15+ Miles
3 3 mi run 30 mins of light cross training  Rest 4 mi run Rest 4 mi run 4 mi run 15+ Miles
4 3 mi run + (1 min intervals x 4) Rest or 20 mins of light cross training Rest 4 mi run Rest 4 mi run 4 mi run 15+ Miles
5 3 mi run + (1:30 min intervals x 4) Rest or 30 mins of light cross training  Rest 5 mi run Rest 5 mi run 5 mi run 18+ Miles
6 4 mi run + (1:30 min intervals x 4) Rest or 20 mins of light cross training Rest 5 mi run Rest 6 mi run 5 mi run 20+ Miles
7 4 mi run + (2 min intervals x 5) Rest Rest 6 mi run Rest 6 mi run 6 mi run 22+ Miles
8 Rest
4 mi run + (2 min intervals x 4) 2 mi Rest 2 mi run Rest
10k Race

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