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Best Pre Workout Supplement

A very common question I get is what is the best pre workout supplement to take in order to build lean muscle mass. Great question!

With all the information and advertisements, it's very difficult figure out which supplements are for real, and which are total bs.

There are a lot of supplements you can take, but these are the absolute essentials. One thing to note is that, a lot of people ask me what the best pre workout supplement for them to get HUGE, well I'm sorry to break it to you there is NO MAGIC PILL. Period.

You need to bust your ass in the gym RELENTLESSLY over a long period of time. No supplement is going to make you gain 10 pounds of muscle overnight.

Best Pre Workout Supplement #1: Creatine

The majority of people don't understand how creatine works. Creatine DOESN'T build muscle. Creatine aids the muscle building process by increases the muscle output level, or stated another way, creatine increases the amount of energy/power the muscle can produce. It's like putting a racing engine in a station wagon. What happens when you put a racing engine in a station wagon is the station wagon is going to produce a lot more power. Same thing with creatine, the end result of having more power in your body is that you will lift more weight. This in turn rips more muscle fibers in your body, which means bigger muscles.

So just taking creatine by itself won't increase your muscle mass, you still need to work out extremely hard in the gym.

Take 5 grams of creatine 30-60 minutes before your workout, and another 5 grams after your workout. Don't fall for the whole "Loading Phase" for creatine, that is just companies trying to sell you MORE of their creatine. It's a marketing gimmick. 5 grams of creatine before and after your training is all the creatine you need to take.

Best Pre Workout Supplement #2: Protein

When you workout your body uses energy. Your body uses energy from fat, carbs and protein. When your body has used up all the energy supplied from the food and nutrition you supplied your body with, you body starts breaking down your body's fat and muscle tissue. Fat and muscle tissue will be broken down into energy.

Consuming a fast absorbing protein (whey protein NOT casein protein) 1 hour before your workout, will prevent your body from breaking down your body's muscle tissue in order to get the energy it needs get through the workout.

This is why whey protein is essential and absolutely one of the best pre workout supplement for any serious weight trainer and athlete.

Best Pre Workout Supplement #3: L-Glutamine

Glutaminean an extremely important supplement for building muscle, as well as for your health. If you're interested in learning about the unbelievable health benefits of glutamine, check out this article I wrote on glutamine health benefits.

In this article, I'm just going to talk about why glutamine is an essential pre workout supplement, and why it's one of the best pre workout supplement you can take.

You need to take L-glutamine before your workout in order to:

  • increase your growth hormone level;
  • keep glutamine levels high during intense training (this keeps your strength and endurance up during your workouts); and
  • prevent body from breaking down muscle tissue for energy (anti-catabolic).

Final Words

So in conclusion, these three supplements should be the MAINSTAYS of any weight trainers pre workout supplementation program:

best pre workout supplement

Don't fall for the other gimmicks out there. These three supplements are proven through many many years of testing and research. These pre workout supplements are NOT detrimental to your health, which is something that many people/companies/websites ignore when it comes to weight training supplementation.

For example, caffeine will give you energy before your workout, but you will die younger in the long-run (this is another article for another day). I don't know about you, but I rather take creatine to boost my energy levels AND live longer.

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