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Burn Fat Build Muscle...Possible?

Burn fat build muscle? Many people wonder if it's possible to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously, and depending on which "expert" you ask you will get a different answer.

The truth though is yes it is possible to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. The trick is that you have to know what you're doing.

"Experts" that tell you that you can't is flat out wrong, and shouldn't be training others.

The secret to burning fat and building muscle at the same times boils down to HOW you train (weight training and cardiovascular exercise) and eat.

Many people will tell you that you shouldn't do cardio exercise if you want to build muscle, which incorrect. You can do cardio but not long cardio sessions.

To build muscle and burn fat you must do cardio, but only in short durations, and at a very high intensity. This high intensity cardio sessions will speed up your metabolism for the entire day (this is key!). This is the secret to burning fat WITHOUT losing muscle in the process. This is how athletes such as football players and track athletes train.

Another important point about cardio is that the amount of cardio you will need to do will depend on your current body fat percentage. Obese people will need to do many more cardio sessions than someone whose body fat percentage is considered normal.

Another key component, as mentioned earlier, to achieve muscle gains and fat loss at the same times is your diet. Dieting for this goal is different from dieting just to build muscle, or just to lose weight. The diet secret is to get the proper nutrient ratios down. Meaning the proper percentage of protein to carbohydrates to fat. Follow the proper nutrient ratios and you will a lean mean machine!

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