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Cycling is simply an awesome way to stay fit because not only do you get a great aerobic workout from cycling, but if you cycle outdoors, you get to see the sights at the same time. If you're finding it hard to find time for the gym, cycling to work may be a viable option for you. You essentially kill two birds with one stone.

Cycling is easier on the knees compared to some other forms of exercise such as jogging. Many sports medicine specialists encourage cycling over jogging because it causes less wear and tear on the joints and muscles.

Cycling mainly works the legs, hips and buttocks; however, the upper body is used during hill climbing.

Calories Burned During Cycling
(based on a 160lbs person)
Cycling Speed (MPH) Calories Per Hour
10.5 436
12.5 581
17.5 871

It's important to stretch after you cycle to prevent joint stiffness and gradual loss of muscle elasticity caused by excessive saddle time, aka "cycling rigor mortis".

I love cycling because it's so versatile, here are some cool cycling ideas:
  • take a spinning class;
  • cycle as a mode of transportation;
  • trying one of the cycle racing sports such as cyclo-cross, cycle speedway, tracking racing and road racing;
  • spend time with family and friends by riding together
  • go on cool date via a Tandem bike (two seated bicycle)
  • try mountain biking
Be sure to always bring a water bottle with you. It's important to stay hydrated during any aerobic activity. To learn more about cycling fitness see the articles below.    

cycling fitnessCycling Fitness Articles

Cycling Workouts For Beginners
Just getting started? Try one of these low intensity cycling workouts.

Lactate Threshold: A Major Determinant Of Your Cycling Success
Lactate threshold is a key determinant for most muscle endurance sports such as cycling. Learn about what lactate threshold is, why it's important and how to calculate it.

Lactate Threshold Training Workouts
Improve your speed and power output via these lactate threshold workouts. These workouts will delay you body's accumulation of lactic acid, giving you an edge over the competition.

High Altitude Training For Endurance Athletes
Learn how high altitude training will enhance your aerobic fitness; pain tolerance; lactate threshold; and recovery time.

Nutrition For Athletes: Detailed Meal Plans
Learn how nutrition will help you performance at your best. Tons of sample meal plans.

Drinking Water Benefits
Cyclists need to be very well hydrated to perform at their best. This article explains why drinking lots of water is critical for your athletic performance as well as your overall health.

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