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Drinking Water Benefits Explained

Drinking water benefits you probably a 100 times more than you realize, no matter if you're an athlete, bodybuilder, dieter, or health enthusiast. Read on to find out why.
1. The Truth About Water
2. Benefits of Drinking Water for Bodybuilders
3. Benefits of Drinking Water for Sport Athletes
4. Benefits of Drinking Water for Weight Loss Dieters
5. Your Customized Daily Water Drinking Program
    A. Calculate Your Daily Water Requirements
    B. Water To Drink Per Hour

The Truth About Water

Want the truth about water? The truth is that water is so powerful that it simply blows my mind, honestly. I used to be so ignorant about water, but now that I know what I know, I view water as the "magic pill" or "miracle potion".

There are lots of studies that have proven the "miracle" benefits of consuming lots of high quality water, such as this study from the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. This study found that water can decrease the risk of a whole myriad of health problems, such as breast cancer, colon cancer, obesity, urinary stone disease and more.

I was absolutely shocked when I read these studies and learned of their findings. The bottom line is drinking large quantities of high quality water dramatically reduces the risk of cancer and other illnesses. We're talking risk reduction of certain cancers by as much as 45%-79% (from drinking 5 to 10 cups of water per day)!

Research has shown that diseases and cancers are linked to your body being too acidic as opposed to alkaline. Foods and beverages that are alkaline have a pH of over 7. Drinking lots of alkaline water neutralizes, dilutes and eliminates acids from your body via your urine, sweat and bowels, leaving you a hundred times healthier.

The body relies on water for the following internal processes: 
  • proper brain function;
  • remove toxins and acid from the body;
  • metabolize fat;
  • regulate body temperature;
  • food digestion;
  • increase oxygen to the blood;
  • lubricates the joints;
  • transport nutrients to the cells; and,
  • to alkalize food going into the intestines.
It's no wonder you can't go without water for more 3 days.

As stated earlier, the best kind of water to drink is alkaline water (water with pH between 7.1-9.0), which requires an expensive machine ($1,200 - $4,000) to ionizes the water.

An alternative to buying an expensive water ionizer is to drink Fiji bottled water. On the back of the Fiji bottle it states that their water has a pH of 7.5. 

Fiji Alkaline Water

I've done my own tests to confirm that the pH level they claim is correct.

Alkaline Bottled Water

The higher the pH of the water the better, which is why you may want to consider investing in a water ionizer. Good water ionizers can make alkaline water as high as pH 9 to 14 (don't drink water with a pH over 9.0). I don't recommend you drink tap water because it's acidic. My tap water has a pH of 6, yours may be slightly lower or higher depending on where you live.

Besides the myriad of general health benefits, there are specific benefits of to drinking lots of water for bodybuilders, athletes and those wanting to lose weight. That's what we're going to look into next...

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2. Benefits of Drinking Water for Bodybuilders

The benefits of drinking water for bodybuilders include:  
  • eliminates water retention because of the surplus supply of water (leaving you looking ripped) 
  • supply water to the muscles keeping your muscles big, tight and strong (muscle is 73% water)
  • facilitates muscle growth via improving the transport of muscle building nutrients and hormones to your muscles
  • keeping you hydrated enabling you to lift maximum weights for longer periods (just 3% dehydration means 10% decrease in muscle strength. 3% dehydration can be achieved in a hour and a half of exercise)
  • prevents muscle loss (muscle=water....dehydration=water loss --> dehydration=muscle loss)
  • rids the body of toxins to keep kidneys running optimally
  • helps keep your body alkaline (bodybuilding puts your body in an acid state)
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3. Benefits of Drinking Water for Sport Athletes

Drinking water before (pre-hydration phase), during (maintenance phase) and after (recovery phase) a game or practice is crucial for peak athletic performance and to prolong fatigue (for specific hydration and meal recommendations for peak athletic performance read the article "Nutrition for Athletes").

Studies show that a 3% dehydration can reduce an athlete's speed by 8%, and as mentioned earlier, a 3% dehydration can be achieved with just one and a half hours of exercise. Studies also show that dehydration of 4% will leave the athlete dizzy and that performance will decrease by as much as 30%!

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4. Benefits of Drinking Water for Weight Loss Dieters

If your goal is to lose weight, water is your bestest friend in the whole world. Here's how water can help you lose weight:
  • increases your body's metabolism by as much as 30% (drinking an extra 10 glasses of water per day will burn about 5 pounds a year according to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism)
  • prevents overeating by reducing hanger pangs
  • gives your more energy so that you'll be able to workout longer and harder, which equals more weight loss
  • enables the kidneys flush out waste without the help of the liver (this means the liver can spend it's time metabolizing body fat, which again translates into even more weight loss)
  • lose water weight via eliminating water retention

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5. Your Customized Daily Water Drinking Program

The amount of water you need to consume everyday depends on two things, your bodyweight and how active you are.

Before we do the calculation, you should know that the reason you need so much water is because the body utilizes 10-12 cups of water through normal bodily functions (breathing, urinating, walking etc.). If you don't replace this water, you'll be dehydrated, and asking for trouble. 

If you're an athlete, or you workout, you will lose a lot more than 10 cups of water. This means you need to drink that much more water.

Note: Coffee, tea, and carbonated drinks does NOT count as water.

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A. Calculate Your Daily Water Requirements

Daily Water Intake (in cups) = Bodyweight (lbs) x Activity Level Multiplier / 8

Select your activity level multiplier between .55-.75 (.55 is for an inactive person and .75 is for a very active person).

You can easily tell if this is enough water for you by checking your urine, if your body is hydrated your urine should be almost clear.

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B. Water To Drink Per Hour

Water to Drink Per Hour (in cups) = Daily Water Intake (in cups) / Number of Waking Hours
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That's it. Start drinking!

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