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In this section you will find detailed instructional exercise videos on how to perform a chosen exercise.

Many of the instructional exercise pages also provide you with additional useful information regarding the specific exercise, such as:
  • purpose of the exercise;
  • primary and secondary muscles being targeted in the exercise;
  • graphical illustration of the different muscles being targeted;
  • detailed written instructions for performing the exercise (to compliment the video);
  • useful tips to maximize the effectiveness of the exercise;
  • different variations of the exercise (to change things up and keep your muscles guessing);
  • safety recommendations;
  • list of similar exercises;  
  • and more...
Future Videos Sections
  • cardio videos
  • dance exercise videos
  • hip hop fitness videos
  • home workout videos
  • kegel exercise videos
  • sports drill videos
New exercise videos will be added to our videos database regularly.

Weight Training Videos

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Calves | Chest
Triceps |  Trapezius
Abdominal Exercises
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Calf Exercises
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Chest Exercises
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Forearm Exercises
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Hamstring Exercises
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Shoulder Exercises
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Trapezius Exercises
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Tricep Exercises
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Quadricep Exercises
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Plyometric Training Videos

Plyometric Exercises
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Power Training Videos

Power Exercises
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