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My Killer Free Exercise Tips

How to Achieve the Body of Your Dreams

Need a little motivation to workout? Here are my free exercise tips to help get you motivated. I know that many of these tips are a little wacky and crazy, but hey...they work for me, so hopefully they work for you too! Alright let's get to it...

1) Love Yourself. Life is short, so have fun and stay healthy. Being unhealthy and sick is NOT fun, it straight-up sucks! Love yourself so much that you will workout minimum three days a week, preferably four.

I personally would never let myself get fat or out of shape, I just love myself way to much, and you should too! Let me get something straight, loving yourself has nothing to do with becoming a selfish self-centered jerk. In fact, I believe that if you love yourself you are more likely to be kinder and more loving towards other people, which is what the world needs.

2) Love It or Fail! Getting the body you desire requires a complete lifestyle change (don't worry this isn't hard). Your goal is to make going to the gym so routine that you don't even think about it, it should be effortless. The key to doing anything consistently over the long-term is to enjoy doing it. I remember when I realized that I had to start studying in school because I was doing so poorly. I was able to turn myself into a studying machine simply by convincing myself that I love to study. I convinced myself that there was nothing better in life than studying. Honestly, this is what you have to do! I personally love to workout, but if you don't, trick yourself in to believing that you do.

Stop reading right now and do this before moving on...

3) Take Out Your Wallet. Here's an extremely effective trick to get you in the gym. Give your trusted friend or family member money, it has to be an amount that is significant to you. If you're a student, it maybe $50, if you're a business executive, it maybe $5,000, you get the idea.

Now tell the person that if you miss a workout they get to keep all or a pre-determined amount total amount of money you the person. You have to provide the person with proof that you went to the gym (take a picture of you in the gym that day with the date on it and email to the person or call them at the gym).

Commit to this for two months, and than re-evaluate its effectiveness and whether you want to continue this arrangement. 

4) Get Knowledgeable. You can't achieve anything unless you understand it. If you don't know how to eat right or what causes a person to gain muscle or lose weight etcetera, educate yourself. It's worth the time to learn exercises, nutrition and how the body works. We provide a lot of this information on this site.

5) Don't Believe, KNOW! You need to know something. I don't want you to think or believe that you can develop the body you desire! I want you to KNOW that you WILL get the body you desire if you train a minimum of three days a week, constantly change your workout routines, and diet right.

It's a done deal, you will have it. It's the universal law, put in the time and hard work, and it is yours...fact, period.

6) The Great Wall of You. To achieve great things you need to have the right mindset. Believe it or not, you are like the Great Wall of China! You are going to become GREAT! You and I KNOW this (not believe). Every workout adds a few more bricks of what will become The Great Wall of You.

7) Don't Read This...Do It. You can't just read these free exercise tips and expect your dream body to appear. You have to apply what you just learned. Start loving yourself right now! Feel compelled to start taking care of yourself and your body. Convince yourself right now that you love exercising! After you do this, call up your trusted friend, arrange a day and time to meet with the person to give the person the money. Once that's done, start educating yourself on exercise, nutrition and how the body works. Plan out your routine and hit the gym. Start building the Great Wall of You, one brick at a time.

I hope you find my personal stash of free exercise tips very useful. I am always trying to learn and improve, so I will be adding more free exercise tips to this article in the future.

There's a lot of information here so you may want to print this article and review it a few more times.

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