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10 Fun Workouts That Burns Fat Fast!

I know for some people cardiovascular exercising can seem like a chore. So I created this article to show you 10 fun workouts that not only burns fat, but that is actually enjoyable to do! The key to succeeding in ANYTHING in life is to trick your mind into believing that you LOVE doing it! Of course, it's better if you actually really do love it.

Some of the workouts below will be more enjoyable to you personally than others. I encourage you to pick some of the workouts below and try them. I'm confident that you'll discover some really fun workouts that you've never thought of :)

Fun Workout #1: Jumping Rope

Jump rope workouts are awesome, and is a favorite among many competitive and professional athletes, such as boxers and MMA fighters. This is a super cheap workout that almost anyone can afford. You don't need a gym membership for this, which is cool. Not only is jump roping incredibllly fun, it's also VERY effective for melting the unwanted fat and getting you shredded. Click here for some cool jump rope workouts.

Fun Workout #2: Boxing Bag Workout

speed bag workout

It's fun to let out your aggression and frustration via punching don't you think? Of course it is, so why not make it a part of you regular cardio regiment? There are various different types of bags that you can let your aggression out on, such as the speed bag, heavy bag and rebound bag.

Fun Workout #3: Shadow Boxing

Keeping with the theme that punching is fun, a spin on bag work is shadow boxing. This is definitely one of my favorite types of cardio training, because not only it is a fun amazing cardio workout, but it builds my confidence at the same time. I've taken boxing classes so it's a great way to build my confidence while working on my technique, speed, agility and quickness. The best part is that shadow boxing is completely free! No gym, no equipment, just confidence and fat loss baby!

Fun Workout #4: Sprint Swimming

Swimming is one of the best cardio workouts out there because in involves your entire body. So to put some spice into your mundane cardio training, you may want to try intense sprinting laps in the pool.

Fun Workout #5: Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is one of the few cardio machines that I actually like. Compared to the elliptical or treadmill, the rowing machine is also much more effective for burning fat, as it utilizes most of the major muscle groups with better resistance. Try it out if you haven't already done so. When using the rowing machine it's important to remember to keep your back STRAIGHT!

Fun Workout #6: Outdoor Wind Sprinting

wind sprinting
Source: http://www.gilbertology.net/2007/09/30/gilbert-runs-with-parachutes/

When the weather is nice try doing some wind sprints on a football field. I recommend doing 50-100 yard wind sprints a few times a week to burn off some serious fat and shock the body. Wind sprints are used by professionally trained sprinters in Olympics, as well as football and basketball players.

Fun Workout #7: Dumbbell Circuits

Dumbbell circuits is when you do say 4 or 5 multi-joint compound exercises without any rest. Dumbbell circuits are awesome for raising your metabolism. An example of a dumbbell circuit is performing dumbbell step-ups, dumbbell bent-over rows, dumbbell squats and dumbbell lunges, non-stop.

Fun Workout #8: Kettlebell training

kettlebell workouts

Ever try kettlebell cleans, snatches and swings? This is incredibly fun, and if you've never done this type of training before, it's guaranteed to shock your body! All you need is a kettlebell, that's it. This type of training is much cheaper than getting one of those expensive and boring cardio equipment such as the treadmill or elliptical (booooring!).

Fun Workout #9: Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training can extremely fun because you can do fun MOVEMENTS. Fun bodyweight movements (aka bodyweight exercises) include: burpees, jump squats, push ups, and upside-down shoulder presses (put yourself in a handstand with your feet using a wall for support, then lower yourself until your head almost touches your head, then push yourself back up, repeat over and over), to name a few.

Fun Workout #10: Hill Sprinting

You may notice that many of the workouts I mention in this article involve being outside. HINT HINT! Another cool outdoor workout is hill sprinting. I good hill sprinting workout consists of hill sprinting for 20-30 minutes, twice a week.

There you go, 10 highly enjoyable, and very effective, workouts that with help you remove the unwanted fat in no time at all.

Enjoy :)

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