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Tennis, my second favorite sport behind basketball, is an extremely difficult sport because it is so technical. Tennis is not a sport you can learn on your own. To be a good player (compete nationally and internationally) you have to get coaching. 

Not only is tennis extremely technical, but it requires a lot of mental toughness. You can be great in practice and do poorly in tournaments because you're not used to the pressure. The only way to develop mental toughness is to compete in as many tournaments as you can (like 15 per year).

You can develop your mental toughness, to a certain extent, during practice by practicing a concept known as "pressure tennis". For example, let's say your objective is to improve your first serve percentage. Setting an objective to hit five first serves in a row without missing or else you have to do a pre-determined amount of suicide lines or push-ups are examples of "pressure tennis".

In the Tennis Training Articles section below, you will find drills and workouts that will develop your conditioning, agility, quickness and endurance...

tennis drillsTennis Training Articles

Tennis Plyometrics
These programs will help develop the power and explosiveness in your legs, which will improve your serve and ground strokes.

Off-Season and In-Season Tennis Strength Training Program
These tennis-specific weight training programs will help provide you with a competitive advantage on the court by:

1. enabling you to hit the ball harder;
2. improving your speed and court coverage;
3. improving your muscle endurance; and
4. prevent common tennis injuries.

Develop Your Own Comprehensive Tennis Training Program
Maximize your potential as an athlete and tennis player. Learn how to develop a comprehensive program that includes a speed and agility program, cardiovascular program, strength training program, flexibility program and sport-specific skill training.

Power Training For Athletes
Tennis is considered a power sport because it requires a lot of explosiveness on the part of the tennis player. Develop your explosive power using these power training methods.

Nutrition For Athletes: Comprehensive Meal Plans For Serious Athletes
Detailed meal plans that will ensure that you are adequately energized and hydrated for the entire training session or game. You'll know what to eat and exactly when to eat it!

Benefits of Water For Athletes
Drinking lots of water is essential for elite athletes. Dehydration will hinder your performance on the court, and your play will suffer as a result. Find out why water is so important and how much of it you need.

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