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Tricep Exercises - Tricep Dips

Exercise Name: Tricep Dips

Purpose: Develop the overall tricep muscle.

Target Muscle Group(s): The primary muscle group being targeted are the tricep muscles (long head, lateral head and medial head).

Secondary muscle groups being targeted are the chest (pectoralis major), front of the shoulder (anterior deltoid) and the anconeus (small muscle at the back of the forearm).

tricep dips

Instructions on How To Perform Tricep Dips:

1. Place your hands at the edge of a flat bench and either place your feet on another bench (for more intensity) or on the floor (for less intensity).
2. Your hands should be shoulder width or slightly wider than shoulder width apart on the bench.
3. Lower your body by bending at the elbows.
4. Push back up to the original position and lock your elbows to force a strong contraction of the tricep muscles.
5. Repeat.

Instruction Comments:

1. Exhale on you dip down, and inhale as you push yourself up to the original position.
2. Contract your triceps hard at the top of the movement by locking your elbows. Locking your elbows at the top of the movement develops the upper tricep more. If you want to develop the lower tricep simply fall short of locking your elbows.
3. Advanced weight trainers can add more intensity by placing the feet on a bench that's higher than the bench your hands are on and/or added a weight plate on your lap.

Also Known As: Dips, Bench Dips, Tricep Bench Dips
Exercise Type: Building Muscle, Strength Training, Toning, Sports Training
Force: Push
Exercise Level: Beginner
Mechanics Type: Compound Exercise

Tricep Dip Variations: Feet placed on the floor with legs straight (weight is on your heels), feet flat on the floor with the legs bent (for decreased intensity), tricep dips using parallel bars, adding weight plate on upper thigh for increased intensity (keep knees slightly bent).

Safety Precautions:

1. Don't you bring your body far away from the bench as this could cause injury to your shoulders, elbows and wrists. Your back should almost be grazing the bench as you perform the exercise.

2. Over a period of time you may find this exercise has become too easy, meaning you can do over 15 reps no problem. As mentioned before, you can add weight plates; however, done incorrectly could cause injury to your knees and it's a bit tricky to place the plate on and off yourself. If that's the case, it's safer to ask someone to place the weight on and off for you. Also, be sure to keep your knees slightly bent to prevent the weight from placing stress on the knees.

Another option for increasing the intensity is to do parallel bar dips instead. If this exercise becomes too easy, add weight plates to the dip using a Weight Dip Belt (not all gyms have this). A Weight Dip Belt is a belt made specifically for adding weights to your parallel bar dips. It's a thick belt that has a chain in the front for you to add weight plates.

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