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Nothing will make more of an impact in your weight loss success than proper dieting and nutrition. Yes cardiovascular exercise is important for weight loss, but if you could only do one or the other, dieting would win hands down. You may be surprised to learn that proper dieting is four times more effective for losing weight than cardio exercise.

This point is so important that it's worth mentioning again:

"...proper dieting is four times more effective for losing weight than cardio exercise."

Why is this?

Simple, losing weight is based on a simple formula: burn/utilize more calories than you consume through food and beverages. Stated differently, in order to lose weight your body has to be obtain a calorie deficit rather than a calorie surplus.

If your body burns 1,900 calories in a day, you need to consume less than 1,900 calories to be in a caloric deficit and lose weight. A 3500 caloric deficit is equal to one pound lost. So if you put your body in a 500 calorie deficit each day, you'll lose one pound a week. That's substantial if you think about it, that means in three months you'll be 12 pounds lighter!

There are three ways to put your body into a caloric deficit:

1. Burn more calories
2. Consume less calories
3. Do both

So if you want to create a 500 calorie deficit each day, that's a 1,000 caloric deficit every two days. Going back to why dieting is more effective for losing weight than exercise, it's far more easier to achieve the 1,000 caloric by avoiding high caloric meals (have healthy meal instead of 1,000+ calorie McDonalds meal) than it is to burn 1,000 calories through cardio (equal to two hours of swimming). Really think about this for a moment, not eating the McDonald's meal takes zero time and effort to generate the 1,000 caloric deficit; meanwhile, swimming for two hours to create a 1,000 caloric deficit takes a 2 hours of your time and a lot of effort.

So best way to lose weight is to eat clean and get yourself in a caloric deficit. If you don't eat clean, you never lose weight, even if you do hours of cardio everyday. Depending on how bad you eat, you'll likely just stay the same weight or gain/lose a pound or two. 

Follow the steps below to get started...

Weight Loss Diets, Charts & Nutrition Articles

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Step 1: Calculate Amount of Calories You Need To Consume To Lose Weight

Calculate Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)
This is the first step in developing your rapid weight loss diet. You will figure out exactly how many calories you need to consume per day, and for each meal. Knowing this number is essential for success and for deterring you from eating unhealthy high calorie foods.

Step 2: Know Calories Your Consuming In Your Foods and Beverages

Free Calorie Counter
This is a very extensive calorie counter with the entire nutritional contents (not just calories) of over 10,000 foods, beverages and ingredients!

Food Calorie Chart
If you read the first article of this section, you now know exactly how many calories you need to eat each meal to create a caloric deficit for yourself and melt away the ugly fat. The picture above shows you what your plate should look like for every meal and the foods that you should be eating. This page will show you the proper foods you should be eating and how many calories they have.

Beverages Calorie Chart
Here you will find out how many calories are in the common juices, soda pops, and alcohol beverages, as well as coffee and teas.

Step 3: Know The Calories Your Burning During Exercise

Calorie Burning Chart
Look through this big list of physical activities and the corresponding calories burned to decide which you would like to integrate into your weight loss program. Since this chart displays all the cardiovascular activities all at once, it's very useful for comparing different activities in terms of calorie burned per hour.

Calorie Burning Calculator
Just finished your cardio session and want to know how many calories you burned? Simply select the cardio activity, enter the activity duration (in minutes), your weight and press "Submit" and the calorie burning calculator will tell you approximately how many calories you just burned.

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